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Company profile

1560142680736035.jpgShanghai Weiweifei Automation Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Integrity, innovation and long-term

Basic profile:

Registered capital: 50 million yuan

Number of employees: 35

Regional location: Rongxin Greenland International, Panyang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai

Business Scope:

Independently design, develop, produce and transform semiconductor industry cleaning equipment, and spread material equipment in the panel industry, including OHS, AGV, Robot, LD/ULD, EQ and other automated transportation equipment. Design, development and manufacturing of automation solutions for smart factories, ports and warehouses. The design and development of various types of belt lines, as well as the domestic and international testing, coating, UV and other industries mainstream equipment agency rights.

Company positioning:

Committed to microelectronics (panel, semiconductor) industry, automotive plant, warehousing and port transfer and other automation design, project planning, installation and commissioning, abnormal disposal and other program integration platform.

Company Vision:

Become a leading equipment design and production company for the whole industry (panel, semiconductor) technology.