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Strengthen the Prevention and Control of Fire Protection and Environmental Protection

2019-05-07 09:12:02 Jiangsu Wuyang Group Read

Strengthen the Prevention and Control of Fire Protection and Environmental Protection

—— New Accident Emergency Pool in Chemical Warehouse

Wang Chunming, Wuyang Chemical Warehouse

With the continuous improvement of the supervision of dangerous chemicals warehouse by relevant government departments, our company actively responds to the dual mechanism of the government and environmental protection requirements, and constructs an accident emergency pool with an effective volume of 415 square meters at the southwest corner of the warehouse, which is used to collect waste water and materials from fire fighting in the warehouse.

Because the location of the pool is only about 4 meters close to the warehouse and the excavation depth of the foundation pit is more than 4 meters, the construction is difficult. In order to prevent the influence of the construction process on the existing warehouse, the warehouse leader held a technical scheme seminar with the construction contractor in advance, and discussed the feasibility and safety of the construction scheme. At the same time, a warehouse safety management conference was held, emphasizing the construction process. Safety management in the project should be done as follows: prevention beforehand, intensifying supervision in the event, special safety supervision on weekends, pre-construction safety training for on-site construction personnel, and special signature of fire ticket should be implemented beforehand to ensure construction safety. During the construction period, the site is equipped with corresponding fire fighting equipment, and warning signs and warning lines are set up in the site area. Non-staff and vehicles are strictly prohibited to enter, and hidden dangers of accidents are eliminated. During the construction period, warehouse supervisors make continuous visits every day. If they find that customers who take delivery of goods enter the construction site unauthorized, they shall promptly dissuade them. At the same time, the construction site of the new situation timely report and make appropriate disposal.

In addition to the construction of emergency pools for accidents, isolation ditches and eye washers, fire hydrants and anti-collision fences were added at the entrance of the warehouse. After a series of upgrading and upgrading, the hardware facilities of chemical warehouse have been continuously improved and improved, which has laid a solid foundation for the safe operation and standardized management of the warehouse.